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Swamp Donkeys dominate in 2011 intramural football

Adam Green of the Swamp Donkeys lunges to catch the ball. Photo by Kaitlyn Hyde.

The Swamp Donkeys were victorious over the Goon Squad in the championship games of the 2011 intramural co-ed flag football season.

The Swamp Donkeys won the Oct. 27 games, with scores of 27-21 in the first game and 19-18 in the second. The best two out of three games would determine the champion for the current season.

The first game started off with a touchdown from David Baldwin to Cody Shepard for Goon Squad. They followed that with a three-point conversion that was good. The Swamp Donkeys answered the touchdown, but a two-point conversion attempt was no good, leaving the Goon Squad ahead.

Following an interception by Fabian Maciel, the Swamp Donkeys scored another touchdown with a pass from Matt Bishop to Chris Campbell, leaving the score Swamp Donkeys 12, Goon Squad 9.

“The touchdown came at an important time. We were down by three. Getting points off of turnovers always makes a difference,” said Campbell.

Regaining the lead with a pass from Baldwin to Shepard again, the Goon Squad was up by a three-point conversion at halftime.

Another interception from the Goon Squad proved fatal for their drive to victory. Campbell’s interception led to a pass from Bishop to Adam Green for a total score of Swamp Donkeys 21 and Goon Squad 15.

Swamp Donkeys stopped a run by the Goon Squad and had another touchdown from Dylan Graham to Kyle Wheeless with a one-point conversion attempt that was no good.

The Goon Squad was able to get one last touchdown to end the game with a run from Cody Shepard. The final score was Swamp Donkeys 27, Goon Squad 21.

In game two of the day, the Goon Squad yet again was able to get the first touchdown of the game from Shepard to Luis Hernandez. The Goon Squad held off the Swamp Donkeys for the entire half. At halftime the score was 6-0, with the Goon squad in the lead.

After another touchdown by the Goon Squad from Shepard to Jake Abbot, the championship looked as if it would be played in three games instead of two.

“At one point, we realized that if we didn’t make a comeback we would be playing again on Nov 3. It motivated us to step our game back up and go for the win,” said Green.

Bishop completed a touchdown pass to Graham, putting the Swamp Donkeys on the score board for the first time in game two.

Swamp Donkeys made another touchdown on a pass from Bishop to Eslam Leung with a one-point conversion that was good, regaining the lead by one point.

To take the lead back, the Goon Squad’s Shepard ran for a touchdown, leaving the score 18 to 13, Goon Squad.

In the last few minutes of the game, the Swamp Donkeys were able to score another touchdown on a pass from Bishop to Graham for a winning score of 19-18, Swamp Donkeys.

“It was a great season,” said Campbell. “As a team we improved both on offense and defense.”

Swamp Donkeys (standing from left) Matt Bishop, John Stone, Jordan McFather, Eslam Leung, Chris Campbell, Fabian Maciel, Adam Green, Kyle Wheeless and (kneeling) Dylan Graham are champions of the 2011 Intramural Flag Football Tournament. Photo by Kaitlyn Hyde.
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