Medication zombiefies children

Medication zombiefies children

Children are the lights of our lives. They make everything so much more worthwhile. But what happens when a child has a lifelong disability?

Many kids these days are being diagnosed with autism and down syndrome. Some are diagnosed with anger issues and bipolar disorder. So, what happens when these kids go to school and start disrupting classes?

Everyone automatically turns to medicating children with disorders. But what if these medications that we use on these children are more harmful to them than they are to themselves in the first place? I don’t believe we should resort to medicating children with these issues, so that they are more pliable and easier to deal with.

It’s sad when many kids are in a zombie-like state because of the medications they are on. Kids like these see on a completely different wave-length than we do. Colors are brighter, sounds are louder and smells are stronger. Children with these disabilities are more perceptive than we believe.

They can tell when we’re going through a hard time or when we’re angry or sad. They react to these things the same way. They become unruly.

If we just sit and talk with them, we can help them. We don’t need to medicate them to make them easier to handle. Medication is not always the answer.