GCAA D1 baseball tournament to be hosted by GHC at LakePoint


Mattew Vacarro runs to second base Photo by Daniel Smith

As the finale for a year across all sports, the GHC baseball team is the host school for the GCAA Conference Tournament.

Georgia Highlands is hosting the GCAA Conference Baseball Tournament at the LakePoint Sporting Community in Emerson, Ga.

According to David Mathis, assistant athletic director, LakePoint is “a world class facility with plenty of fields.”

GHC bid for the GCAA baseball tournament last year and received the opportunity to host the event for 2017.

Being able to host the tournament is beneficial to GHC because it enables the school to save money instead of paying for bus rentals, hotels, meals and other expenses.

Mathis said hosting the tournament will help recruiting due to the “exposure we get from other teams coming to the place where we play.”

All GCAA tournament games will be live streamed, not just GHC games.

The tournament takes place May 10 to May 13.

GHC students, faculty and staff get in free with their GHC ID. Concessions will be available.