GHC Dreamer defends DACA

GHC Dreamer defends DACA

Jeimy Celon-Alcantara

Being a DACA student, it makes me sad that the program may no longer exist. It is a program that has helped over 800,000 undocumented students attend school, obtain a job and get a driver’s license. I would not be writing this if it were not for DACA.

It truly saddens me to hear and read what some people say about Dreamers. These things include that we are here to take away their child’s school benefits, their jobs, scholarships and feed off welfare that we do not qualify for.

We are not those people. We grew up the same way as any citizen has grown up in the U.S., attending the same schools and speaking  the same language. Even with DACA, we do not qualify for benefits because they are benefits for citizens, something we are not but dream to be.

Our parents did not come here with the intent to steal away from the citizens of the United States. They came here to give their children a better life than their own. Parents who have to forcibly learn English and work countless hours only to get paid minimum wage if not sometimes lower.

We are people who come from pain and suffering. People looking for refugee from their own country.

Although, I understand many people’s concern with Dreamers, just know that we do not take benefits given to us by DACA for granted. We are grateful for any opportunity given to us in order to have a stable life here in this great country.

I hope those who see us in a negative light can someday look at us without anger in their hearts.

I hope they will someday understand that we had no choice but to grow up in a country different from our birthplace. A country that we love nonetheless.