GHC libraries offer many different services

Jillian Scanlon

Library by Nick Whitmire
The library on the Floyd campus offers services, such as Galileo to assist students. Photo by Nick Whitmire

Between the six GHC locations, there are over 78,000 printed books and around 136,000 books online. Leslie Johnston, assistant professor of English, said, “Students also have access to all of the library resources in the University System of Georgia.”

The library provides a space where students can study, make copies, print papers/projects and work on homework and even read just for fun. GALILEO is the virtual library that universities in the USG use. Through GALILEO, many articles, books and magazines are accessible by students here at GHC. “A lot of students don’t know we have videos and movies available through GALILEO,” stated Carmelita Brunson, assistant librarian for public service.

GHC libraries help students that need other resources as well. Brunson said, “We have some special items that students don’t know about, like graphing calculators and MacBooks you can use within the library.” The library also has textbooks that can be used by students but not taken home. “We don’t have every textbook for every class, but we have some of the lower popular ones, so if you really can’t afford the textbook and you would like to use one in the library, you can make limited photocopies or use it in the room for however long you need it,” said Brunson.

Librarians are also here to help. Brunson said, “The biggest resource is us, anything, any question and any problem if we don’t know the answer we can look it up or get you to the right place.” Betsy Clark, assistant librarian for public services at Cartersville, stated, “Don’t be afraid; ask on chat.”

According to Sumer Lang, a library associate, GHC libraries have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, where they post updates and events that they host or cohost.