Art is the ‘lost treasure’ of education

Art is the ‘lost treasure’ of education

Michael McClain

As a kid I always loved to draw. It’s something I would always do when I was supposed to be doing other school work. One of my biggest regrets is not nurturing that talent into something special.

The other day I saw a Life water commercial ad/PSA video that talked about the lack of art in schools today.

They first asked a group of adults and a group of kids what they think they should learn to be successful. They asked them about art and no one said that art wasn’t important. They did say that the school they went to didn’t view art as a priority especially in the middle and high school.

They stated 80% of schools face budget cuts with art often the first class to go.

One part of this video that struck home to me the most was one of the ladies that got emotional when she discussed that she felt she was “innately an artist” but because that part of her wasn’t nurtured art feels like a “lost treasure” of hers.

It spoke to me so much because that’s exactly how I feel and I usually brush the thought off but watching this made me realize how a period where I began to feel disconnected with my education in a way was when I completely stopped nurturing the artistic side of me.

I didn’t feel reconnected until I began to nurture it again in other ways than art.

It really made me realize that importance of all forms of art in not only our connection to our education but in our journey to find our purpose in life.