Bruce Jones: Professor of economics and business retires

Bruce Jones: Professor of economics and business retires

Nick Whitmire

Bruce Jones, professor of economics and business will be retiring in 2018.

Jones grew up in middle Georgia and graduated with a BBA degree, with a major in management, with minors in marketing and physical sciences from Georgia College and a MBA in Finance and a Ph.D. in Economics, both from Georgia.

Jones began at GHC during its days as the Floyd Junior College on July 6, 1995, as part of the second generation when the original faculty and staff were just beginning to retire. He is now part of the third generation, with most of his generation already retired.

Jones was also brought to GHC as the Chair, of the Business Division. Since he had created four year programs in business at Anderson University, he could do the same at GHC.

According to Jones, “One of the things I discovered about the college early on was how hard working and diligent the faculty and staff are.  No one phones it in or treats their job as just a job.  This is apparently part of the DNA of the college because it has passed through successive generations.”

Jones said that his favorite memory working at GHC was when he created the sales pitch for the Cartersville campus and first building. Jones explained, “The presentation was delivered to The Board of Regents. It was the first electronic presentation they had ever seen. We like to never got the laptop back from the Regents staff. When I go to that campus today – I think of it as my campus.”

Jones’ reason for retiring was because he said it is time. He said that his stamina is not what it used to be and after 40 years of college teaching, he believes it’s time for someone else to take over.

Jones’ advice for the students of GHC was, “The grade and the course credit get you out of school, but what you learn determines your future success.  You should afford yourself the luxury of learning as much as you can.”

Jones has no particular plans after retirement. But he plans to read a lot.