Obsessive fans clutter social media feeds


Catie Sullivan

The infatuation with celebrities and reality T.V. stars is starting to get even creepier.

Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are flooded with new personal information about celebrities and their lives every millisecond of every day. Despite the overwhelming amount of celebrity “news” coverage, people currently cannot get enough. Fans scour every corner of the internet to find pointless information on their favorite celebrity.

These stalker fans have labeled themselves as “stans.” According to the Oxford Dictionary the term “stan” means, “An overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity.” These stans seem to have taken over social media platforms and it feels like Twitter has been affected the most.

These super fans have created a culture that revolves around being obnoxiously vocal on internet platforms. These stans would not be as annoying or distracting if there weren’t masses of them.

A person cannot simply search a topic on Twitter without having to sort through unrelated, irrelevant tweets made by K-pop stans.

A K-pop group by the name of BTS has fans that seem to be the most prominent of stan groups on social media. Not only are the BTS stan groups massive but they are very vocal. They seem to constantly praise, worship and advertise BTS and its group members. I believe that the mass presence of super fans on social media is mostly due to it being a trend. It is trendy and cool to be obsessively aware of a current popular group.

It is social media platforms like Twitter that are an excellent platform to show off a stans dedication. In the future I hope the trend of being quirky and obsessive online will fade away and equal representation of pop culture interest groups will be more evident online.