Intramural sports ranging from ping-pong to flag football

Intramural sports are located all around each Highlands campus. Whether it be in the game room or the courtyard on the far right of the Rome campus, every student has the opportunity of joining one of the various teams Georgia Highlands has to offer.

Not only are the activities a great way to pass time with friends such as playing ping pong in the Student Life Center, they are also a healthy way of getting your blood pumping when balancing the weight of being a college student and generally living an active lifestyle while attending GHC. From the ping-pong table to the tennis court students are engaging in the free opportunities available to them. This can range from just playing to pass the time to doing it competitively in one-on-one tournaments or games against other schools. All you need to gain access to equipment is your Georgia Highlands ID Card, this way you can get a time slot for the amount of time you can use a certain item.

You can also find the announcements for the dates and times of events and tournaments happening in your school email, where a variety of new information is given almost every single day. Along with some of the easier activities to spot throughout your day there are many other things that some freshmen or older veterans might not have known about, such as the fact that GHC has flag football teams made up of both males and females. Flag football, less violent than any NFL team, is a sport with the same objective of football without the tackling.

Each team tries to get a hold of the rival player that has the ball by one of the flags tied around the player’s waist. Another competitive team at GHC is the soccer team. At the most recent game on October 11th, the competitors, the Emory Eagles, stole the win by just one point, leaving the game at 3 to 2. Fernando Bernardo, a freshman soccer player representing Georgia Highlands says, “The most challenging thing was coming in at the right time. I never played defense in my life so I had to deal with things I never dealt with before. That was pretty challenging.” Despite playing new positions, another challenge of the game for both teams seemed to be the referee. Throughout the game multiple flags were thrown on GHC because of foul language or misconduct. This resulted in coaches, players, and even some of the fans raising havoc from the “unfair” and “uncalled for” pulls. This conflict continued throughout the second half of the game until the very end.

Ethan Stoicoff and Benjamin Gilbert
Students compete during an intramural ping-pong game. Photo by Emma Veale.
SoccerTeam pg12
Intramural soccer team huddles mid-game. Photo by Emma Veale.