Floyd campus is home to lake and wetlands


Floyd campus’ Paris Lake is a resource that is open to all Georgia Highlands students. People are welcome to take kayaks, canoes, paddleboards or other non-motorized watercraft out to experience the lake up close. Fishing is allowed and anyone is free to participate in the water activities. Students are encouraged to learn more about nature and to appreciate the world outside of the classroom.

Most students from Floyd and the other campuses alike are aware of Paris Lake’s existence. Unlike the lake, many students are completely unaware of the presence of wetlands on the Floyd campus. In other words, Georgia Highlands has a swamp.

There is a beautiful walk to and through the wetlands, which can be found as an extension of the walking paths around Paris Lake. This presents opportunities to relax and appreciate nature. Experiencing the wetlands firsthand is a way to learn more about the ecosystem. There are 12 viewing points at which various parts of the wetlands can be seen.

According to the Georgia Highlands website, on a walk around Paris Lake, you can see an open meadow, an upland forest, a willow swamp (Palustrine shrub-scrub), a beaver-modified cattail marsh and a deep-water stream habitat. There is a boardwalk through the wetlands that extends from the trails that surround Paris Lake.

These trails are commonly used as recreational walking trails, but the boardwalk goes unnoticed due to its semi-hidden entrance. The quiet and secluded area creates an opportunity to meditate away from the traditional noise of the college. The relaxation is encouraged and can reduce the stress of everyday college life.