Consumer demand brings Christmas to October

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Christmas is not just a holiday in December — it is an industry that consumers are aware of all year round. Shoppers see Christmas decorations, trees, and gifts marketed for the season earlier and earlier each year. This can be deeply aggravating as this limits the availability of items dedicated to the current season.

Just as we are getting into the Halloween season everything we need to celebrate is practically gone. The seasons are on a fast track, so consumers do not get to enjoy the current time of year.

We are all worried what is happening four months from now because the holidays being marketed to us are at the forefront of a shopper’s thoughts.

Once all of the Christmas items come out, most things are covered in red and green glitter no matter the season or event that they are intended for. This creates a clash of the holidays that is inconvenient for the average consumer. It is also inconvenient for the team members who are selling these items because the glitter coats everything, including the people. This is why, for many retail workers, holidays such as Christmas do not bring on good memories. The holidays have been ruined by an early, oversaturated, and overplayed holiday market. On the other hand, it must be acknowledged that consumers inadvertently do this to themselves. Some people begin requesting stores carry Christmas products as early as September.

In a culture fueled by supply and demand there is no way to solely blame the places selling these products. It is not the fault of the store, but of the people who are so ahead of the season. In order to stay open, shops feel the need to cater to every person, including those who want to prepare for Christmas in October. Another problem with early Christmas is because it is solely that. The early seasonal items are Christmas central, not including other holidays that occur at the same time.

The people who do not celebrate Christmas are bombarded by the holiday for months. This lack of inclusivity is a horrible problem that is extended over many months before the holidays themselves. This can create a negative shopping experience for many customers and can even offend people.