Workouts differ among Charger sports teams

In the world of athletics, a person has to stay in shape to keep up with the quick pace of their sport. However, the methods by which each team strives to strengthen players varies across GHC teams.

Though athletes have much in common, from traveling from college to college, running down the field and experiencing the blaring lights on a Friday night game, these sports each have different workout plans to prepare for their big day. Soccer players can be seen going through drills into the late afternoon, spending hours learning how to control a ball properly. Langston Williams, a GHC men’s basketball player said, “Our workouts are a lot of repetition and muscle memory, not necessarily just conditioning such as running around and doing suicides.”

On the other hand, Nigeria Jordan from the women’s basketball team said, “Women have longer practices than the men’s basketball team and work harder than the men.” For the women, there is more running involved resulting in longer hours.

For the softball team, it’s just the opposite. In practice, the coach focuses on each player’s skills rather than having the entire team practice on a single thing all together. Madalyn Morton, a freshman pitcher on the softball team, said, “We have a very talented team of athletes, and coach recognizes that too. So, she divides pitchers/catchers and infielders/outfielders to maximize individual skill work during practices.” At times it’s also necessary to customize practices and workouts to better support injured players.

Morton recently tore both labrums in her hips, causing extreme pain during the workouts. She says, “I cannot run without excruciating pain. So, while the team runs, I have to bike. I also cannot squat anymore, so the leg press has been the substitute for that.”