Local Shops give student discounts

Local Shops give student discounts

By Nya Roden Staff Writer

Deck the halls with pur- chases from stores around GHC! Here are some student discounts local businesses have to offer:

1. Goodwill has a wide range of items and offers 10% off purchases for students every Tuesdays. There is a Cedartown location at 726 South Mainstreet. The Rome store is located at 154 Hicks Drive SE.

2. Need to deliver some- thing to a loved one this holiday season? FedEx has students covered. Join their student discount club and enjoy saving 30% on a document and 20% on a package. There is a FedEx location at 633 North Mainstreet in Cedartown and one on Martha Berry Boulevard in Rome.

3. Holiday cooking just got easier with the Kroger student discount. Students can get 5% off groceries. They can either stop by the Cedartown store at 730 North Mainstreet or visit the Rome store at 1476 Turner McCall Boulevard.

4. Kroger isn’t the only su- per market where students can use discounts. There is a Sam’s Club located at 2550 Redmond Circle in Rome. By signing up with their collegiate member- ship program, students can receive a $15 gift card.

5. J. Crew is at Perimeter Mall is worth the trip for students. The retailer offers a 15% discount for college students.

6. Urban Outfitters, also located at Perimeter Mall, has a similar deal. Students can get a discount for 10% off their purchase.