Old Red Kimono goes digital


Illustration by Lilly Hayes

This year, Old Red Kimono will be published digitally for the first time.

The GHC-produced literary magazine was originally slated to be published this month, until the college closed due to COVID-19. This has caused ORK to make changes in their production schedule.

“We’re shooting for the end of May,” said Nancy Applegate, an English instructor on Floyd campus.
Applegate and fellow Floyd campus English instructor, John Kwist, act as administrators for ORK.

This year’s student staff includes former Six Mile Post staff writer, Lilly Hayes and Nick Whitemire and current SMP staff writer, Nya Roden, and contributor, Kimberly Woods.
The staff said they are considering using WordPress to produce their digital publication.

“I feel good about it,” Applegate said of the switch to online. “I think it’s about time.”
Kwist also said, “I think it’s time. Maybe we’ll be able to digitize earlier issues.”

“It will be a good experience for us as editors,” said Woods.
The COVID-19 pandemic has not deterred Applegate from her goal of sharing OKR with the public, in person. She is considering participating in an open mic poetry night at Schroeder’s.

Applegate is still holding the annual ORK reception. She said she currently plans to hold the reception during the upcoming fall semester, “if the world does truly open back up again.”
The ORK reception will be free and open to all GHC students and faculty, not just those who are included in the publication. The date is to be determined.