PTK Halloween Event Follow-up


GHC’s Phi Theta Kappa hosted a drive-in movie experience like no other on Halloween night on the Rome campus. Students, faculty and staff drove through the drive-thru to collect their trick-or-treat candy, picked up their free popcorn and nestled into the comfort of their own cars to watch Hocus Pocus on the big screen.

No one knew what to expect with this event being the first face-to-face gathering GHC has hosted this year due to COVID-19. There were social distancing protocols in place that were easy to follow.

Dariela Guadalupe Delgado Castro, vice-president of membership for PTK and the head of the Halloween project, said “It was small, but a few parents really did appreciate having a safe space to celebrate Halloween with their children which is what we were going for!”

GHC’s PTK encourages students to keep an eye on their emails for upcoming drive-in events where students will get to vote for the movie. They look forward to hearing feedback and having more students attend future events.