Student Spin podcast expands program list


Ashley Hall

Kimberly Lyons, Senior Producer at Student Spin, shows off the dedicated recording studio located in the Media Innovation Center at the Floyd campus.

The Student Spin podcast is expanding its platform by adding new programs. Listeners will be able to enjoy shorter, more focused podcasts on sports and pop culture in addition to the regular content.

The podcast started with biweekly sessions with only two to three members delivering and discussing college news, events, and other topics. It has since increased in popularity and participation.
Going forward, the Student Spin Podcast will be the umbrella term for all the programs of the podcast. There are six programs announced so far, with two more in the works.


The new programs being added to Student Spin include:

On the Record: Host Kimberly Lyons will interview faculty and students, discuss leadership, explore career paths, etc. It will have the same format as the original Student Spin.

Campus Corner: Rotating hosts will cover GHC specific news topics such as upcoming events and club information.

Civil Discourse: Host Cal Silvers and co-host Austin Williams hold political debates over local and world news.

Sights and Sounds: Host Ammad Caesar and co-host Cal Silvers speak on entertainment topics such as music, art and pop culture.

The Post Buzzer: Host Austin Williams and “supporting role” Brandon Dyer speak on GHC sports, collegiate sports and national sports.


Samantha Lewis, a Student Spin volunteer, joined the podcast to work on her leadership honor’s project. (Kimberly Lyons)

An advice podcast is being developed by Senior Producer Kimberly Lyons. Students and faculty would be able to email the Student Spin and get advice on their situations.

Lyons introduced the idea of separating the podcast into smaller sections. “This is a program we want to grow… in order to accommodate [more members] I had the idea to take that one podcast… and what we’ve done is kind of taken that apart and made them into separate podcasts,” said Lyons.

“It’s going to be more streamlined,” said Ammad Caesar, Junior Post-Production Assistant and host of the “Sights and Sounds” entertainment podcast.

“I know for a lot of them we said we were going to do like five to seven minute chunks,” said Caesar. The shorter sessions will be more digestible and less intimidating than a full-length session.
Before this new expansion, the format of the podcast was full-length 25–30 minute episodes that included everything from college to world news, entertainment and events. The new format will allow listeners to choose which topics to tune into instead of searching through a longer podcast.

In addition to the new programs, The Student Spin will be expanding its social media. “So we plan to be on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook,” Lyons said.

Cal Silvers, Junior Pre-Production Assistant, will oversee social media management. Silvers plans to organize the podcasts using hashtags. This will allow listeners to pin down topics of interest with ease.

“[The podcast is] a great way for us as students to learn what to do and how to use programs in the real world that we wouldn’t get the experience for otherwise and be scrambling to learn on our own,” said Silvers.

Lyons hopes that the podcast program expansion will increase listenership and attract more students interested in podcasting.

“Whatever topic that you’re super interested in, if you wanted to do a five to seven minute podcast, we welcome you.”

Students or faculty members interested in learning about the Student Spin podcast should contact Senior Producer Kimberly Lyons.

“If we’re going to have more podcasts covering more expansive topics, I can manage them all! I just need the people,” said Lyons.

The Student Spin and its new programs are currently available to listen to on Spotify, SoundCloud and