Dress like a professional for respect


Sarah Lane

There is no official dress code at Georgia Highlands College. However, that does not mean students should dress as if there is no dress code. College is neither a pajama party nor an unsupervised high school prom.

Imagine if your future employer came to Georgia Highlands looking for new employees for your dream job.

You happen to be wearing your slouchiest pair of sweatpants and that T-shirt you’ve had since the seventh grade with the hole in the armpit and the obscene saying on the front.

Or you might be wearing that super short mini skirt that looks like a bedazzler threw up on it and that skin tight tube top that doesn’t quite cover your midriff.

Would the future employer notice you? Probably, but he or she most likely would not take you seriously enough to hire you for your dream job.

Dressing like you don’t care about your education is the first step to actually not caring about your education. Don’t set yourself up for failure; and remember, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.