Is GHC Handling COVID-19 well?

Fay Durham, Opinion & Editorials Editor

From desks being properly spaced apart to the enormous supply of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, our school has put in place a lot of useful safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In March of 2020, every school was scrambling to relocate their in-person classes to online classes, causing students to question their future.

Signs on campus with our school mascot, Bolt, demonstrate the proper way to wear a mask. Hand sanitizer or buckets of disinfecting wipes are in every room and around every corner.

Paulding student, Emma Tuffour, said she benefits from the disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer daily.

“I think they’re a really good idea,” said Tuffour. 

Students such as Katelyn Schooler from the Paulding campus are confident and proud of how the school has handled COVID-19.

“I think it’s (GHC has) succeeded and has handled it better than most places,” said Schooler. 

Tina Santiago, a student from the Paulding campus, said that GHC has responded well to the pandemic.

“I think GHC has excelled, especially with how we receive those emails reminding us to get vaccinated and helping us get vaccinated,” said Santiago.

Some students and staff members have continued to wear their masks while other vaccinated individuals no longer wear their masks. It’s up to the person to decide if they want to keep their mask on or not in school.

“In some ways I think we should still wear masks because things are still very unpredictable right now, and it’s a choice if you wear a mask or not,” Santiago said, “but it doesn’t bother me when people don’t wear one because it’s their choice.”

Schooler, on the other hand, said she believes students and staff should still wear masks.

“There’s still a virus around, I just think people should be safe,” said Schooler.

Similar to the choice to wear a mask or not, it is also up to people to choose if they want to attend online, in person, or hybrid classes. 

“I’ve honestly been going towards more online classes,” Schooler said. 

It can be argued that GHC has done a good job in its response to COVID-19 by providing classrooms with cleaning supplies and promoting good hygiene to campus-goers. At the same time, the college is considering the comfort of students by not requiring masks for those who are vaccinated.

Has GHC handled the pandemic with grace or could it have done better? If it could have done better, how so? Students can share their opinions on how the school has handled COVID-19 by writing to the Six Mile Post at [email protected].