GHC students share their thoughts on the academic calendar


Ainsley Howard, Staff Writer & Artist

A poll was sent out to students and faculty of GHC to gather a consensus on when people would rather have the spring and fall breaks. The poll was accessible through Navigate and was live from Sept. 12 to Sept. 20. Everyone has their own preference, so let’s see what these Cartersville campus students have to say.


Each semester, would you prefer a week-long break or two three-day breaks?


Malcolm Lovett: A week-long break would be really helpful with my job schedule. It would allow me a little bit more freedom to rest a little bit more, get more done, maybe put in a little bit more hours for that week, and more money’s always nice. I don’t live on money, but it is helpful to have.

Hannah Simeon: Yeah, I think the full week would be sufficient in that, instead of just two three-day breaks, you get the full week to relax and catch up on what you’re not able to do.

Enshaly Ochoa: I’d say week-long breaks.

Sarah Shaw: I guess a week-long.

Isaac Carrol: When you say “week-long,” you mean like, even throughout the weekends? I mean, obviously, that’s a stupid question, yeah, so, I’d rather test out two three-day breaks; that seems kind of interesting. 

Marcella Vasquez: A week-long break.

Zach Adams: Shoot, I don’t know. Probably a week long, if you ask me.

Kev Santil: A week-long break doesn’t sound too bad. 


Is there a holiday that you feel should be added to the academic calendar to have students off? (We already have Thanksgiving, Labor Day and MLK Day off)

Enshaly Ochoa (Photo by Ainsley Howard)

Malcolm Lovett: No, I don’t think so.

Hannah Simeon: None that I can really think of right now, like what other holiday would there be?

Enshaly Ochoa: Not any that come to mind, so no.

Sarah Shaw: No.

Isaac Carrol: If it was like, before Christmas – obviously, that’s not even on the list – but if it was after Christmas, I’d say Christmas off. I don’t think there’d be any specific days I’d want, because a lot of the holidays are already covered. Maybe just a fall break, maybe a winter break, something like that.

Marcella Vasquez: No.

Zach Adams: Umm…shoot, I don’t know, honestly.

Kev Santil: Honestly, I couldn’t think of any other holiday.


Do you think that Georgia Highlands should keep “Maymester” classes?

Isaac Carrol (Photo by Ainsley Howard)

Malcolm Lovett: I went through that, I don’t like that. Anytime when students are pressured and have to cram knowledge into their brain, they perform less well […] and there’s that angle too, but where I’m standing, I don’t have kids and I’m not… I don’t… I have me, you know? Cramming all that work into a small section of time…it’s-I’m not performing at my best.

Hannah Simeon: Yes, it’s convenient for certain people, and you get to choose to take that class if you want to, so it’s convenient to the people who want to take it for a shorter course that’s better for them.

Enshaly Ochoa: Um…yes.

Sarah Shaw: Um, no.

Isaac Carrol: May semester classes? Yeah, sure.

Marcella Vasquez: Um, what’s that? […] Yeah, that sounds good.

Zach Adams: I’m not gonna lie, I kinda just woke up, so all of this is kinda difficult to register in my brain… but, yes.

Kev Santil: What’s Maymester? […] Oh, um, they could.


How do you feel about adding in more evening classes?

Malcolm Lovett (Photo by Ainsley Howard)

Malcolm Lovett: That would work for people who work in the morning and in the afternoon. I work at night- I mean, it depends on your job schedule, your life, if you can get there is the big thing. If they’re online courses, then sure. I’m sure a lot of people would really like that.

Hannah Simeon: I think adding more evening classes would be better for people who, say, work in the mornings or are unable to come to classes in the mornings.

Enshaly Ochoa: I feel like with peoples’ schedules–yeah, I think that would be ok, just because some people prefer to work in the mornings, and instead of taking time off in the mornings to come to class, they have a chance to be able to go to evening classes and be able to work in the mornings.

Sarah Shaw: I’d think it’d be good because some people can’t come in the mornings.

Isaac Carrol: For me, no. In general, sure, a lot of people would probably enjoy that, but it’d be a lot better for certain people, but for me, I’ve got work, I travel a lot, so no.

Marcella Vasquez: Hmmn…no. 

Zach Adams: No.

Kev Santil: Yeah, for students who might be able to come at night, but not during the day.


According to an email sent out by Sarah Coakley, only 1,308 students of the enrolled 4,746 answered the poll, which is 27.56 percent of all GHC students. The majority of the students prefer to have the whole week of Thanksgiving for a break, coming up to 71.2 percent. The spring break preferences were more closely split, with 53.4 percent preferring the entire first week of April and 46.6 percent preferring a whole week in early March.