HVAC system being replaced on Floyd campus

GHC is getting more eco-friendly by installing a new HVAC system, which is also less expensive and more high-tech.

Patrick Daniel, Staff Writer & Artist

The entrance of the McCorkle building is barred due to construction and ongoing demolition. There is an alternative entrance students can use to get to classes. (Photo by Ashley Hall)

The interior of the Walraven building on the Floyd campus is undergoing renovations due to the HVAC system needing to be replaced.

“The old system was inefficient and expensive, so this is the next step towards GHC being more eco-friendly,” Floyd campus Manager, Bradley Gilmore, said.

The Walraven building has been part of the Floyd campus ever since the campus was first established as Floyd Junior College in 1970.

“The system was original and came with the building when it was built 50 years ago; the new system should be more effective,” Director of Facilities, David Van Hook, said. “Hopefully this new system will benefit the Floyd campus overall.”

“The new equipment has ultraviolet air cleaners that will improve air quality and have better filtration, and less of a carbon footprint, also less outside pollutants coming in,” Hook added.

According to an email sent by Hook, contractors raised construction barriers and created a new entryway between the A and AA buildings for students to use during construction.

Students have complained about the temperature of the Walraven building.

“Some parts of the building are at a different temperature than other parts; this new equipment will keep all of the building at the same temperature,” Hook said.

“This new system is a great move forward for the Floyd campus, and students will be more comfortable,” Gilmore said.

The projected completion time is June.

A new HVAC system is being installed in the Walraven building to replace the 50-year-old system. It runs throughout the entire building, including the front. (Photo by Patrick Daniel)