Students’ schedules mysteriously dropped by system; college working on problem

Students’ schedules mysteriously dropped by system; college working on problem

Brandon Allen

Shortly after classes started,  students across multiple campuses were affected by unexpected schedule deletions. The problems occurred around the time of the final add/drop on Aug. 19.

Ken Reaves, campus dean at the Douglasville site, stated that a relatively low number of students were affected but said that if it affected one student, then it was still unacceptable.

No particular group of students were affected by the problem, nor was the problem more or less prevalent than in the past semesters. There were a myriad of complicated factors within the system causing the deletion of schedules, according to Reaves.

The college is aware of the problem and often holds meetings between the various departments to attempt to improve and streamline the system in order to ensure that students are impacted as little as possible. Reaves said that these meetings have had the result of drastically improving the system over the past few years.

Improvements have been made to the process, so  when the problem is detected by the college, the students receive a phone call or email alerting them.

Katrina Vernor, enrollment management specialist at the Douglasville campus, said, “A large amount of the students who had their schedules wiped were able to regain their original schedule by filling out a Request to Change Schedule After Add/Drop Form.”

Reaves said, “The College is committed to continuous improvement, and our ultimate goal is no one will be inadvertently dropped.”