GHC 411 helps students

GHC 411 helps students

Tyler Hogue

The GHC 411 Ticketing System is a system designed by Todd Jones, vice-president for student affairs, and Sandie Davis, director of the admissions and registrar, to help students with any problems they may have.

The Ticketing System first launched in November 2012. It was set up to improve customer service by getting students a quicker response to their problems.

According to Jones, it also allowed the college to track students’ concerns to improve communication and to find out what students’ greatest concerns are.

He said that financial aid issues represent the most concern from students.

Chris Wheelus, enrollment management specialist, said, “It’s an amazing system. All the employees love it.”

He said it allows the college to respond more efficiently and reduces the waiting time of trying to get help in person due to limited staff.

Wheelus also goes on to state that it is possible to choose which department and campus the question goes to. This allows it to go to someone in an area of specialty who can answer the question better.

Tickets can be sent to the Offices of Financial Aid, Admissions, Advising and E-learning (for online students) to name a few.

Wheelus also says that if a ticket gets sent to the wrong department, someone in that department can redirect the question to the correct one.

Jamison Johnston, a financial aid student worker, says that approximately 10,000 tickets for financial aid alone have been answered from the time of launch up to September of this year.

According to Jones, approximately 15,000 tickets have been answered in all since December 2012 till now.