Local musicans haunt the night in downtown Rome

Amanda Howell

Guests were dressed to scare Halloween night as local musicians graced the stage at Schroder’s New Deli.

The first band, Graham and Vann, started the show off at 7 p.m.

Though everything started off slow, things picked up fast as the anticipating large crowd filtered in and The Wet Bandits began to set up. Lead singer, Eddie Waits took the stage dressed as Elvis Presley and the crowd livened all around the courtyard.

Rome musicians, The Donors, Muletide, Graham and Vann and Cynaide Sundae, perform at Schroeder's New Deli's annual Halloween event.
Rome musicians, The Donors, Muletide, Graham and Vann, Wet Bandits and Cynaide Sundae, perform at Schroeder’s New Deli’s annual Halloween event. Photo by: Amanda Howell

Cyanide Sundae and The Muletide Perkins Trio brought a new and energetic change in sound to the evening. Each band was a delight to listen to, and so were the cheers that came at the end of each song.

The Donors were the last trio to tune up and play once again for a loaded courtyard at Schroeder’s. Friends, fans and family listened as the band covered Pink Floyd’s “Fearless.”

The Muletide Perkins Trio’s lead singer, Brian Mullins, said during The Donors performance, “The Donors are great; they’re my favorite band right now!”

With the last symbol strike, guitar strum and bass thump, all the patrons began to say their goodbyes and filter back out of the restaurant while the amazing and loyal servers began to do the last of the cleaning up from one more great Halloween night downtown.