New Area B special topics courses offer students more variety

New Area B special topics courses offer students more variety

Chazmyane Griffin

According to Alan Nichols, academic dean of social sciences, business and education, at least half of the freshmen college computer studies, or FCCS, courses offered will be replaced by a special topics lineup during summer and fall 2015.

For much of Georgia Highlands’ history, Freshmen College Computer Studies, or FCCS, has been an Area B requirement for graduation.

By completing this course, students demonstrate computer application proficiency within Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

According to Tim Floyd, academic dean of mathematics and computer science, as the world is becoming more engulfed by the current Technology Age, this class is becoming less productive as most students have had previous experience making it less beneficial than before.

As a result, Floyd and Nichols and the other academic deans are implementing more special topics courses such as psychology of hip hop and psychology of women among others into the Area B course offerings.

“I do not want students to feel pressured to take FCCS,” said Floyd.

“I think these courses will offer students an opportunity to look more deeply at areas that may be of interest to them,” Nichols added.

These special “GH**” courses have been offered for three years now but are overshadowed to varying degrees by the enormous array of FCCS courses offered.

Nichols and Floyd are hopeful that this will encourage students to explore their interests.