High school students get ahead with MOWR

High school students  get ahead with MOWR

Moira Hale

About 6 percent of the entire GHC student body consists of dual enrollment students.

According to Breanna Bush, MOWR coordinator, these students participate in a program called Move On When Ready (MOWR).

This program allows them to take classes at a college while they are still enrolled in high school.

Students can be in the program beginning their junior year of high school. They earn both high school and college credits at the same time.

Students can choose to take all their classes at the college as a full-time MOWR student or to take some classes at the college and some at their high school.

Georgia Highlands began its MOWR program in the fall of 2015, replacing the former dual enrollment program called Accel.

This change saw an increase of dual enrollment students at GHC from 166 in the spring of 2015 to 353 in the current spring semester.

According to Bush, out of the 353 currently enrolled MOWR students, 274 of them are part-time, equating to about 78 percent and 79 of them are full time at 12 hours or more equating to about 22 percent.

Dual enrollment students are spread across all five campuses, just like traditional students.

Cartersville has the most with 115 MOWR students, and Marietta has the least with 22. In the middle are Floyd with 84, Paulding with 68 and Douglasville with 64.