Professor Christina Wolfe takes an African adventure

Christina Wolfe  Photo by Shannon Francis
Christina Wolfe
Photo by Shannon Francis

The International Perspectives on Higher Education Program recently sent faculty members, from several universities, including GHC’s Christina Wolfe, on a trip to South Africa to study the effect that apartheid had on the education and university systems there and the adjustments they’ve made since the end of apartheid.

The trip was organized by The University of South Carolina and lasted from March 4 to March 12.

Half of the participants’ time was spent in Johannesburg and the other half in Cape Town.

Wolfe, who is instructor of sociology at GHC, was one of three people not from the University of South Carolina chosen for the trip.

The other two were Christopher Ward from Clayton State University and Angela Miles from North Carolina State University.

Alan Nichols, dean of the division of social sciences, business and education and Wolfe’s supervisor, said, “She was selected from a very competitive field of faculty to go on this trip, which I believe speaks highly of her.”

Prior to the trip, Wolfe said that she expected the most exciting part would be “Everything.”

She had never been to Africa, so she was interested in visiting a new continent.

Wolfe teaches about apartheid in her Introduction to Sociology class, and now she has gotten to actually see the results of the end of this system.

She said, “I have this academic knowledge of it from reading about it from textbooks, but to go and talk to people who experienced it and to see what effect that had on the society is really exciting.”