Students have to park at White Water to get to the Marietta campus

Catie Sullivan

GHC students at the Marietta campus have been facing difficulties with parking. Due to Kennesaw State University’s growing student population, parking at the GHC and KSU campus in Marietta has become full.
KSU ran out of assigned parking in mid July last academic year and started to take up parking at the Georgia Highlands parking lot. GHC Marietta Campus Dean Ken Reaves said, “We noticed the parking problem coming up towards the end of last year and knew that we had too many cars and too many students and not enough parking spots.”

Oftentimes parking places fill up between 10 a.m.-2 p.m. As an alternative GHC students are allowed to park in the White Water parking lot and ride Kennesaw State University’s bus, the B.O.B (Big Owl Bus), to campus. The bus trip from White Water to the Marietta campus is only about a mile to a mile and a half. GHC students who wish to ride the B.O.B can do so for free by presenting their GHC student I.D. to the bus driver.

Students who park at White Water and shuttle to the GHC Marietta campus are accompanied by Kennesaw students as well. Reaves said, “After spring, once more Kennesaw students graduate, parking spots will become more available.” Campus police are aware of the parking problems and have worked with students and only moderately ticketed cars, according to Reaves.