GHC hosts the 8th Annual Georgia Highlands College Speech Competition at Cartersville

Nick Whitmire

8th Annual Sppech Competition
From left to right: William Evans, Riley Rule, Joshua Mabry, Logan Maddox and Javier Camacho were the top five winners at the 8th Annual Speech Competition. Contributed Photo

GHC recently held the 8th Annual Public Speaking Competition at the Cartersville campus on April 13. There were 78 participants from all GHC campuses at the event.

Joshua Mabry from the Floyd campus won the competition. The second place winner was Logan Maddox from the Floyd campus. William Evans from the Paulding campus won third place. Fourth place went to Javier Camacho of the Floyd campus and fifth place went to Riley Rule from the Cartersville campus.

Semifinalists that were chosen by student judges for the Values Award include Shayla Neufeld, Javier Camacho, Jacob Faile, Elijah Glick and Logan Maddox. The Values Award recognizes speeches and speakers that best represent GHC’s shared values of inclusiveness and freedom of expression.