SSS has what students need

Hannah Vande Zande

#2 head shot of morgan - Sarah Belcher
Dorothy Morgan, Student Support Services counselor, invites students to visit the food pantry and clothes closet. Photo by Sarah Belcher

Student Support Services offers multiple resources that can greatly benefit students.

College students have to deal with many struggles at once. Between grades, work and maintaining a social life, life can get hectic.

It is very hard to focus on mental health when it costs so much money to see a therapist, but GHC students no longer need to worry.

Student Support Services provides mental health counseling, for free. Counselors will help students with time management skills and help students cope with stress and anxiety.

October is also mental health awareness month, so there is no better time to spread the news to fellow classmates.

While Student Support Services focuses on students’ mental health, they also provide disability support for students. This allows students who qualify to access the campus as independently as possible.

Students with disabilities could be provided with audio recorded lectures, preferential seating, adjustable tables and seating.

All students are equal at GHC and Student Support Services make sure that every student feels that way.

On top of all the services that are provided, there is also a Charger Food Pantry.

College students have so much to deal with and sometimes food is scarce. The Charger food pantry is here to help. The pantry provides snacks, coffee and toiletry items.

Another aspect of Student Support Services is the Career Clothes Closet. This is for students looking for proper attire to wear on speech day or to a job interview.

Students can find a Career Clothes Closet on both the Paulding and Cartersville campus.