Marietta plans G building Renovations for 2020

Noah Prince Staff Writer

Students attending classes on the Marietta campus are familiar with Kennesaw State University’s ongoing construction efforts. The latest development is the renovation of the G building, also known as the engineering lab.

In fall 2020, some classes will be moved to mobile class-rooms to allow for the construction.

“It’s not really going to be that disruptive,” said Campus Dean, Ken Reaves.

The purpose of the renovations is to update the engineering lab’s overall look and utilities.

“Now that KSU has taken over this campus, I think they’re just going through and just retrofitting some of the building,” said Reaves.

He said the building has not been renovated during his time at GHC, though patch work has been done here and there.

After renovations are completed, all Georgia Highlands classes will be located in the same section of the building. These classes have previously been scattered in differ-ent places since KSU also has classes in the building.

Opinions on the renovations are mostly positive. Instructor Richard Bombard said, “I support renovations. Many of the rooms, particularly in building G, need them.”

Elizabeth Lawley, a student on Marietta campus, said, “I think it’s worth it, even if we have to spend half a year in a mobile unit.

”Not everyone is happy with classes being held in mobile units. A few students have voiced concern about heat. Others simply don’t want to spend the semester in a mobile classroom.

When asked about possibly teaching in a mobile, Bombard said, “I’ve never taught in one before. I suppose it’d be okay temporarily.”

Renovations on the G building will begin in May 2020. They should not disrupt summer classes, but some fall courses will be relocated.“

My hope is, it’ll only last for that one semester,” said Reeves. “By the time spring semester 2021 comes around, we’ll be back in our regular classrooms over in the G building.”Marietta plans G building renovations for 2020.

Screenshot 2019-10-08 at 3.24.07 PM
Photo by Noah Prince – New South Construction builds a new annex and walkway that will connect to the G building.