Academic support resources available to students daily

Academic support resources available to students daily

Midterm season is here, but getting help has never been easier.

GHC librarian, Marla Means, who has worked on the Cartersville location for over three years, stated that the library offers research help, answers citation questions and gives some basic one on one assistance for any stage in the writing process.

Professors are also able to contact librarians a week in advance to invite them to class and help students there. For instance, they can create a Libguide, which is a personalized website that uses content to teach creative thinking and search strategies.

Students are also free to use the librarians as a resource for citations, topics, information or as a reference. All conversations and items are confidential in order to provide a safe space for students. The Tutorial Center also offers student support for any subject.

When asked about coping methods for midterm stress, Cartersville student Destiny Miranda said, “I cry.” “I try to meditate or take some time out of my day to cope,” says Cody Duncan, a student at Cartersville