Group visits filming locations from “The Walking Dead”

On November 8, 31 stu- dents took buses to Senoia, Georgia for a behind the scenes look at the hit television series “The Walking Dead.” Students were able to get an inside glimpse at what it was like shooting in this town for seasons three through six of the show, led by a tour guide in cosplay.

Only a hand-full of people that went on the trip had actually watched the television show.

“It was great,” said Paulding student Manoucheca Jean. “Even though I never watched the show, the way he was ex- plaining it made it seem like we all did watch it, and the tour guide made everything come to life with the way he described it.”

One of places that students were able to see from the show was Alexandria, which was a safe zone for survivors to keep the walkers (also known as zombies) out. Medijina Dorcius, from the Paulding campus, said Alexandria was her favorite location on the tour, “because of how guarded it was and how even the pizza guy can’t get in.”

When cameras are not roll-

ing, it is still a high-security, gated community where only the people that live there can get in. If people living there have friends or family over, they would have to sign a dis- closure agreement stating that they cannot touch or record anything in the homes for filming purposes

The tour guide dressed up as the Governor from the show and informed the group that, “If a resident orders pizza for delivery, they have to drive down to the end of the neighborhood to pick it up.”

walking 1 online
A tour guide is dressed in cosplay as “the Governor.” Photo by Emma Veale
walking 2 online
Photo by Emma Veale