USG employees to receive $1,000 bonus in March

Jackson Morris, News Editor

Most University System of Georgia employees will find a $1,000 bonus in their March 26 and 30 paychecks. Those eligible for the $1,000 bonus are full-time employees that make less than $80,000 a year and have a standard workweek of 30 hours or more. 

This payment is to match the state’s mandate to provide a one-time bonus to K-12 full-time employees. Governor Brian Kemp and his governmental constituents wish to thank the employees of the USG with the bonus for what they have done during this year of COVID-19. 

“I think it’s a good morale booster. Just like with the students, it’s been a challenging time,” said Co-curricular and Transition Programs Coordinator Clifton Puckett. 

“I wish it was just a flat thousand-dollar check. Ours is just built into our paychecks… but it’s still a thousand dollars more than we would have,” said Puckett. The payments will be subject to FICA and required withholdings. 

Floyd student, Brittany Sheetz, said, “I did not know they were [getting a bonus], but that’s pretty amazing and shows they care about their employees.”

Although the bonus was to match the initiative by the state for K-12 employees, this was not a collaborative effort between the two education systems of Georgia. It was done after Kemp’s order in January.

Cartersville librarian, Betsy Flemming, said, “I think a lot of people at our school need it. I am happy that we are getting a little help.” 

The bonus for USG employees was announced after that of the K-12 educators.

Fleming said, “The [K-12] public schools got hit very hard. I think they had a lot more problems [than university educators]. They [K-12] had to be in those classrooms.” 

Fleming has recently bought a house and plans to use this bonus to help cover it.

Another GHC employee agrees with Fleming that the delayed bonus announcement for university employees was appropriate. 

Campus officer, Clayton Buckler, said, “I think it’s good to evaluate… not move too quickly. So, I think it was good on their part.”