‘Archer’ keeps audiences watching

Ashlee Gilley

Combine a spy agency, dark humor and a lot of dysfunctional relationships to get an amazing show to watch during the down time this semester.

The sixth season of “Archer” aired on Jan. 8 after much anticipation from fans of the show. Archer is an animated dark comedy/action cartoon with a rating of TV-MA.

Archer is an obnoxious, misogynistic, troubled man who just so happens to be an amazing spy. If it was left up to him, he would spend his time just enjoying the perks of his star agent statues, but his coworkers are there to keep him on track.

With its combination of clever humor and a strong group of supporting characters, it is no surprise the show gets an average of two million viewers according to accessatlanta.com.
Some of the supporting characters include Lana, Archer’s ex who is also a top spy with a strong, witty personality, and Pam, the straightforward Human Resources lady who happens to be the office’s main target for teasing.

Some of the main focuses of the show include Archer’s strained relationship with his mother and boss Mallory Archer, his ex-girlfriend and coworker Lana Kane and the dysfunctional interactions between the supporting characters.

All five seasons are on Netflix, and the episodes average around half an hour each, which make them ideal to watch during a quick study break.

The lack of seriousness is why this show is good for those days where one just needs a laugh. The show’s mixture of wittiness and ridiculous humor also helps to keep the episodes from feeling repetitive and stale.

With all of the different personalities there is a character for everyone to love.

The episodes can stand on their own unlike other series. If the audience misses an episode or two, they can just fall back into watching without having to worry about catching up on the missed episodes.

In the season premiere, star spy Sterling Archer has to face yet another sticky situation.

Season six has the promise to be just as interesting and full of humor as the previous five.

“Archer” airs on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on FX. Whether one needs a show to unwind or wants a new show to watch with friends, “Archer” would make a great addition to anyone’s weekly line up.

This show gets a grade of: B