McCoy, a one-woman success, to perform at GHC

Emily Varnum

Morgan McCoy’s talents and passions have allowed her a successful career in “edutainment.”

She is a historical interpreter in a show where she acts as 12 different characters.

A few of her characters are based on historical figures who have contributed to the history of African Americans, such as Maggie Lena Walker.

Throughout high school, McCoy always tried to bring cultural awareness to her peers and teachers but was often viewed negatively for doing reports on African American inventors, artists and business owners.

She grew up in Virginia and attended a high school where she was only one of five African American students in her class. She felt like less was expected of her because of her race. Her determination and hard work allowed her to graduate as the valedictorian of her class.

From there she went to Hampton University to study theatre, and then she got her master’s at Region University in communications.

She became a professor of public speaking at Bryant and Stratton College for two years before starting her full-time acting career.

In response to her hardships, McCoy said, “I am grateful for all of my experiences, the good, the bad and the indifferent, because they all shaped who I am and thus my production.”

Now she has combined her love of acting, writing and teaching into one program for others to learn from and enjoy.

In her appearances at colleges, churches, etc., she performs her one-woman show and has a Q&A segment as well as a workshop.

In her workshop, she talks about how to become a dream catcher instead of just a dreamer. This will be open to all students.

McCoy’s 2015 tour is sponsored by Louis Gossett Jr.’s Eracism Foundation. She is very honored to be an ambassador for this foundation that is devoted to the removal from existence of the belief that one race, one culture or one people is superior to another.

After all of her experiences, she has learned to just see people for people. McCoy encourages others to “love who you are and who you are created to be.”

McCoy will be coming to all GHC campuses: Marietta on March 2, Floyd on March 3, Douglasville on March 5, Paulding on March 9 and Cartersville on March 10.

Lyric Sprinkle, student life coordinator at the Paulding and Douglasville campuses said, “I am excited to see her characters change throughout her performance as she highlights iconic black women from our history.”

More information on McCoy and her show can be found at and