Season Two of ‘Unfortunate Events’ fortunately improves on the last

Joseph McDaniel

The first season of Netflix’s “Series of Unfortunate events,” a production of Daniel Handler’s darkly comedic children’s novels, was mostly enjoyable, but also hindered by the installments it adapted not being the best of the series.

Therefore, they over cluttered many of the stories with bonus material tying into mysteries that weren’t posed until later installments.

However, season 2 of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” doesn’t have that problem, seeing that they’re finally getting into translating to screen when the books finally hit their stride.

Therefore, season 2 is far more entertaining, especially seeing it isn’t now bogged down by reinterpreting stories already adapted in the Jim Carrey film.

It’s able to take on a fresher feel and become its own thing, with each of the two-part book adaptations feeling more distinct, almost constituting into being influenced by different genres, such as western or horror.

The added material also works much better this season, as it feels more purposefully tied into the overarching narrative. The addition of Nathan Fillion as Jacques Snicket to the cast doesn’t hurt either.

In terms of issues, the pacing could be more consistently fluid. Occasional forced humor makes this element worse, but the moody atmosphere and the enjoyably dark story make it worthwhile overall.