GHC student viral on TikTok


Freeman frosting Stranger Things Themed Cookies. Photographer: Contributed by Kimberly Lyons

GHC communications major, Ruthann Freeman, posted a video to the popular app TikTok on March 10 and by the following day it had gone viral. 

The video was made at the local restaurant, Doug’s Deli, as she and co-workers decorated an order of cookies for the cast and crew of the popular T.V. show “Stranger Things.” 

“It’s crazy how random it is,” Freeman said. “It literally could have happened to anybody. I joked with my friends as I was filming the video that they were going to be TikTok famous, but none of us really believed that would be the case.” 

Prior to posting the video, Freeman only had a handful of followers and most videos received no more than 100 views. She now has 7,926 followers and her video currently has over one million views, 322.6k likes, 3,399 shares and 2,176 comments. 

Freeman downloaded the app as a joke with her friends and they started a running bet to see who could reach TikTok fame first. 

As the views began to climb, Freeman said her phone became unable to hold a charge due to the number of notifications she was receiving. 

“Within hours I had already reached 5k views and that is when it began to skyrocket,” she said. “It quickly went from 10k to 50k and just continued to jump by hundreds of thousands.” 

Readers can find Ruthann on TikTok by searching the username @ruthannfreeman.  

Freeman’s Eggo waffle cookies for the Stranger Things cast. Photographer: Contributed by Kimberly Lyons